Freya, the Mother Goddess of many Northern European people.


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Drums have been used throughout the world and throughout human history for ritual, ceremony, communication, connection, and even entertainment.  Perhaps the earliest of human musical instruments, the drum brings back the heartbeat of the Mother, both on a personal and planetary level. 

This business is named for and in honor of Gaia, both in her aspect of Mother Goddess of All, but also in the scientific aspect of the personification of the interconnected web of life on this planet.  We truly are all related and we forget this at our own peril.

We at Gaia's Workshop do art from our hearts with respect for those who have gone before and for those who are to come, working with the guidance of the gods, the ancestors, the honored teachers, and our sacred connection with the Mother.

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Gaia's Workshop
Michelle Meister & Luke Martinez
Portland, Oregon