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Elder Futhark Shields


The shield is a tool of protection and these little shields (4" in diameter) are designed to focus the energies of the runes.  They are purposely designed to be approachable and not scary even to those who have never studied the runes.  The meanings I have assigned to the various runes may not agree with your studies or runic authorities -- they are meanings that came to me as I meditated on all the aspects of the rune.

Some of those pictured may still be in stock and be sure to let us know if you want that exact one (otherwise, we will be making one just for you).  If you want a rune, symbol, color combination or meaning that is not shown, please let us know.

We also make custom shields, please contact us for more info.


Rune: Inguz
Literal Translation:  Seed - Associated with the god Yngvi (Ing),
Color: Green & Gold

This rune symbolizes the seed and the place of gestation, germination or transformation where things grow into manifestation.  The center of the rune shows a gate between that which was and that which will be.  A powerful rune for those starting projects, seeking personal growth, or creating anything from art to new life.  


Fertility Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00


Rune: Gebo
Literal Translation: Gift
Color: Gold, Silver & Red

This rune symbolizes the exchange that happens when one receives a gift or makes a sacrifice.  It reminds us to remember the difference between that which is truly freely given and that which is given for the benefit of the giver. When a gift is given with no expectation of return, the natural balance can more easily be maintained as our partner in giving is free to make a gift or sacrifice of their own choice and from their own heart, when the time is right.


Gift Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00


Rune: Othala
Literal Translation: Ancestral Home or Land
Color: Golds & Browns

This is the rune of the place of your family, your roots in the soil.  It is the actual land itself that has supported you and your ancestors through time.  In our modern culture, with us all being immigrants to this land, I believe that it symbolizes the place where you have grown new roots -- like a transplanted tree, your roots contain both the soil of the place of your ancestors and the soil of the place where your descendants will grow.  Even if you live in a tiny apartment and move every year, there is somewhere that is "Home" to you.  This rune signifies that place.


Home Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00


Rune: Raido
Literal Translation: Wagon, Ride
Color: Red & Black

This rune is the vehicle of your journey -- whether across the street or through all the nine realms of understanding.  In contrast to the Ehwaz Rune, this rune is about the movement, the action, the path, the direction and the choices that you make.  This rune helps you stay focused on the reasons that you started the journey in the first place and the mechanics and decisions necessary to get you to your destination.

  Journey Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00



Rune: Perthro

Color: Red & Gold



Luck Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00





Rune: Dagaz

Color: Black & White, Gold & Silver



Balance Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00



Rune: Thurisaz

Color: Green & Yellow, Gold & Silver



Boundary Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00



Rune: Uruz

Color: Black & White, Gold & Silver



Freedom Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00




Rune: Jera

Color: Brown & Yellow, Gold & Silver



Harvest Rune Shield
Metal Hoop $20.00




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