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Black Cat Rattle by Michelle Meister of Freya's WorkshopPart of my affinity for the drum has translated into my determination to use every part of the animal and to waste nothing of its sacrifice.  Rattles are one of my favorite ways to use the scraps left over from drum making.  From the simple to the elaborate, each of my rattles is made using my own patterns & designs.  Each one of these rattles are different -- even when I use the same type of hide and the same pattern, the resulting rattle has its own personality.

All rattles shown are fully functional and sound tested.  I have discovered that the thinner rattles are louder and have more resonance, but that thicker rattles are definitely more durable (Deer and Horse would be thinner, Elk or Buffalo would be thicker.  There are variations within these categories, of course).  Most rattles are filled with corn, but I use other things like kidney beans, rice, semi-precious stones, herbs, bells and whatever the rattle seems to want.  Any paint is sealed for durability. 

We gather the handles in some of our favorite places, then sand them to feel beautiful in your hand.  The rattles are made from horse, deer, elk & sometimes buffalo or reindeer.  Sometimes the rattle wants suede decorations, fur, beads, paint or other ornamentation. 

If you wish to select an individual rattle that has already been made, please check my Etsy Store for current stock.

I love to create new designs -- if you would like a particular spirit animal or other personal rattle, please let me know. 

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For Rawhide Rattles Currently in Stock,

Please Visit  Our Etsy Store.


Gaia's Workshop
Michelle Meister & Luke Martinez
Portland, Oregon
503-933-9038     gaiasworkshop@gmail.com