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Animal Rawhide Rattle Sculptures

Animal Spirits, also known as Totem Animals, Clan Animals & Animal Helpers, have been with humans since the beginning.  Each person has one or more affinities with different animals, and each animal energy carries different meanings and lessons.  For general information about our rattles, please see the main rattle page.

My desire to use every bit of scrap left over from drum making has led me to experiment with untraditional rattles and eventually morphed into my rattle sculptures.  Each one of these rattles are different -- even when I use the same type of hide and the same pattern, the resulting rattle has its own personality.

All rattles shown are fully functional and sound tested.  Part of the challenge of making rattle sculptures is creating a large enough resonance chamber for good sound.  Most rattles are filled with corn, but I use other things like kidney beans, rice, semi-precious stones, herbs, bells and whatever the rattle seems to want.  Any paint is sealed for durability. 

These are my own exclusive patterns.  Each is hand cut & stitched with waxed thread, stuffed and left to dry, then cleaned and filled with corn.  The handles are all gathered by us, either river driftwood or deadfall.  We work with the wood to bring out some of its natural beauty -- more will emerge as you continue to work with your rattle.  The examples shown are representative -- each rattle is different and has its own sound and personality.  New sculptures are being created all the time.  For specific rattles currently in stock, check our Etsy store.

I love to create new designs -- if you would like a particular spirit animal or other personal rattle, please let me know

The cat teaches us to balance between fierce independence and affectionate togetherness.  The cat is immensely patient until it is time to spring into action, but once in motion, it is pointedly focused on getting the job done.   Those with cat medicine are intensely curious, self-reliant, playful and have a deep connection with the unconscious and the inner self.

Cat Rattle

This rattle stands about 7" tall, exclusive of handle.  Available in 
deer or horse.  Sinew colors are Black, Natural, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue or Green.  Each rattle has its own personality, just like the cats I have known.  The ribbon is satin and available in your choice of colors.

The cat rattle is also available in a painted version.  This rattle is black, but we can paint your rattle to match your own personal cat spirit -- all you need do is email us a photo when you place your order.



Painted (one color)

Painted (multi-color)





The buffalo spirit is one of abundance, prosperity, protection and prayer.  Buffalo people tend to be generous and to be able to shoulder heavy burdens for others, sometimes to a fault.  People with balanced buffalo medicine know when to help and when to empower others to help themselves.

Buffalo Rattle

This rattle stands about 5" tall, exclusive of handle.  The pictured rattle is made of buffalo, with fur mane & tail.  It is available in buffalo or horse.







While the lion spirit is one of personal strength and courage, and is the patron animal spirit of Leo people everywhere, it also brings with it the potential for aggression and power-over behavior.  People with balanced lion medicine tend to be self-confidant, assertive, charismatic and have leadership qualities.

Lion Rattle

This rattle stands about 7" tall, exclusive of handle.  The pictured rattle is made of elk, with rabbit fur mane & tail.  It is available in deer or horse.


Deer or Elk



While the cougar spirit is one of having the power to direct ones life with both grace and speed, cougar people can sometimes have difficulty in creating healthy boundaries with others.  Balanced cougar people can both stalk and strike at the appropriate time.

Cougar Rattle

The cougar is also known as the mountain lion, puma or Florida panther. 




This rattle stands about 6" tall, exclusive of handle.  Available in deer or horse.  Also available as a black panther.







The horse spirit brings both the ability to travel freely and the ability to reach your destination. People with horse medicine need to be sure that their passions do not "run away" with them.  Those with balanced horse medicine use their strength to overcome obstacles to get where they need to be without plowing over other travelers.

Horse Rattle

This rattle stands about 9" tall, exclusive of handle.  Available in deer or horse. White or black horsehair tail.


Red Stag Deer or Horse



The owl spirit is one of seeing the truth, wisdom, death & transition.  People with owl totems are mystical creatures who see things others cannot, and understand the things they see. People with owl totems need to be careful to keep balance with the daylight world.

Owl Rattle

Owl Rawhhide Rattle Sculpture by Gaia's WorkshopThis rattle stands about 8" tall, exclusive of stick.  It is available in deer or horse.




Red Stag Deer or Horse



The squirrel spirit is one of being prepared, conserving things until they are needed, working hard and still finding time to play.  People with squirrel totems anticipate coming hard times by making sure they have everything they need, but have to watch out for keeping things and ideas that may not be needed in the long run.

Squirrel Rattle

This rattle stands about 9" tall, exclusive of stick.  He holds a peanut in his paws.  It is available in deer or horse.




Red Stag Deer or Horse



The tiger spirit is one of physical strength, vitality and health.  People with tiger totems are strong within their character,  sensual and courageous, but need to watch out for being aggressive and overly sexual.

Tiger Rattle

This rattle stands about 10" tall, exclusive of stick.  He was created in honor of my friend Eugenio Tigerini.  It is available in deer or horse.









For Animal Rawhide Rattle Sculptures Currently in Stock,

Please Visit  Our Etsy Store.


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