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Harmonic Shamanic Painted Drums

For information about the creation of these drums, please see the Harmonic Shamanic Drum Page.

Certain drums that we make inspire designs.  Most of the art is created by Luke and painted by both Luke and Michelle.  We use a combination of media, laid down in very thin layers to not affect the sound of the drum.  The entire drum is sealed with an Artist Matte Fixative to protect the paint, so these drums are entirely playable.

We are always willing to put a design on any drum that you buy from us or on a drum that you already own. 

We will add other designs as they occur -- the drums below are currently in stock.



Water Element Drum
18" Horse - Deodar Cedar

Fire Elemental Drum
15" Horse - Deodar Cedar










All Harmonic Shamanic Drums come with a drum beater chosen to bring out the best of the drum and a soft, deer suede handle wrap in your choice of color for comfortable playing.

Drum Care Instructions


For Our Selection of Painted Drums Currently in Stock,

Please Visit  Our Etsy Store.


Gaia's Workshop
Michelle Meister & Luke Martinez
Portland, Oregon
503-933-9038     gaiasworkshop@gmail.com