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Elder Futhark Rune Catchers
I have always worked in dreams...  And the dream catcher has spoken to me since I was a young girl.  My dream catchers all have a central space to allow the dreamer to move through worlds, with a stone or object of protection in the center.  Dream catchers can be made in willow hoop or metal hoop designs.  Each one is different and individual.  Luke is a dreamer as well, and he has a special resonance with our dream catchers.  Many times we will both work on the same piece, each adding our own touch.  Each dream catcher contains elements of the four directional energies; fire, air, water & earth.

The central area is about 6", sometimes a bit larger with our willow hoops.  Decorations consist of hand-cut deer suede, satin ribbon, bone, horn & glass beads, semi-precious stones, tin, brass or copper cones, found or purchased feathers, pendants or whatever else speaks to us.  No two are identical, we make each one per order. 

Some pictured may still be in stock and be sure to let us know if you want that exact one.

These dream catchers are made to capture the energies of the elder futhark runes.  Each color, bead, stone & object is designed to magnify the runic energies. They each have a rune in the center representing the rune.

We also make custom dream catchers, please contact us for more info.



Meaning: Movable Wealth & Possessions




Fehu Rune Catcher
Metal Hoop $20.00
Willow Hoop $30.00
















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