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Custom Work - Past and Future

I believe that spiritual tools should be uniquely made for the user.  Though each of our items is individual, I truly enjoy working directly with someone to bring their vision to life.  It is always a collaboration between me, the customer and the connection.  Below are some custom drums, rattles and dream catchers we have made. 

I love to create new designs -- if you would like a particular spirit animal or other personal rattle, we are happy to work with you.  If you have art work or other images, a verbal description, a dream or a feeling, please email me with your desires -- I will let you know if I can make it happen and we will make a deal on the price before work starts. 

Custom Liverbird Rattle from Freya's Workshop    

This rattle was inspired by our Water Drop Rattle, with the added request of a "Liver Bird", which, I discovered, is the heraldic symbol of Liverpool.  She wanted air and water symbols as well, this is what I came up with.

Custom Liverbird Rattle, Water Side from Freya's Workshop

Custom Liverbird Rattle, Air Side, from Freya's Workshop


<--  This Celtic Tree of Life Dream Catcher was made specifically for one of our customers to her specifications.




This Willow hoop dream catcher was custom made for another customer... it includes peacock feathers for clear sight, hematite for protection, malachite, turquoise, amethyst & quartz.  The center is guarded by a silver crescent moon figure. -->

Custom Peacock & Crescent Moon Magic Dream Catcherr from Freya's Workshop

<-- Custom beater and rattle set. The pyramid rattle is painted in purples and decorated using the same colors of deer suede and rabbit fur.




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Gaia's Workshop
Michelle Meister & Luke Martinez
Portland, Oregon
503-933-9038     gaiasworkshop@gmail.com