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Drum Care Instructions

Treat your drum like a pet. If you're happy, it's happy.

Heat is the drum killer, please avoid leaving it in a hot car or hanging it over a heater register or stove.

Cold and damp may make your drum sad. You can heat it gradually with a hair dryer or other gentle heat.

Pet and stroke your drum often, the oil from your skin is the best thing for the head.

Bond with your drum. Decorate it, paint it, make it your own. Any non-oil-based pigment may be used.

You already know how to play it.  Give yourself permission.  Listen to it carefully, it has things to teach you.

Wishing you a long and happy journey together,

Michelle & Luke
Your Gaia's Workshop drum makers


Where do you get your horse hides?

It used to be that horse hides were readily available in the US, but since so few people keep horses any more, the horse hides that I use for drums now come from South America, where horses are more common. No animal that I use is killed for its hide. Horses typically are family pets or farm animals who die of old age. Sometimes they are used for food, but that is illegal in the US. I made a drum for a woman that had the registration tattoo of the horse on the surface of the drum... she tracked down the tattoo, found the former owners and actually got his life story and a picture from them. Very cool.

Because we can never be sure what the actual circumstances of death were, I always smudge the hide thoroughly and spend some time talking to the spirit of the animal. I suggest you journey with your drum and ask him/her for more detail. Have fun bonding with your drum!




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